Car and Motorbike Rental Guide for Grete Island Greece

Car & Motorcycle Hire in Crete Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Brokers and local Cretan Car Rentals Agencies ?

The local Cretan Car Rentals Agencies included in our travel guide are registered verified companies from the Greek Ministry of Culture and Tourism, all agencies included in this directory operate private vehicle fleets with rental stations all over Crete Island.

Brokers are typically off shore internet companies that do not own vehicle fleets and stations within Crete Island. If you submit a reservation to a broker, it will be forwarded to a multinational or local car rental company and the reserved vehicle will be delivered through a third party company. This method often hides risks and conflicts.


What is my benefit if I Rent a Vehicle through a local Cretan Agency ?

All verified local car rental agencies follow the standards and regulations of the Greek Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Local Cretan agencies offer customized services and operate 24 Hour emergency Help desks.

Local verified agencies in emergency conditions are easily reachable through the nearby car hire stations.


Can I request customized pick up and drop off services ?

All local agencies in Crete island offer upon request customized pick up and drop off services at airports, ports and hotels.


How Do I pay for a Car Rental Reservation ?

Policies and payment methods are modified according to the rental period and the season. Usually your credit card is kept for guarantee and a penalty fee is activated in case of cancellation. For more information contact the local agencies included in our directory.